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Binary distributions will be provided once the library is stable enough to be considered production ready.

Source Code Distributions
Note Please read the issues section prior to using the XML-Security (XSEC) library.

The following table shows the libraries and platforms that the 0.0.3 beta has been build and tested against.

Platform  Version  Compiler  Xerces Version  Xalan Version  OpenSSL Version 
Windows32  0.0.3 beta  VC6.0 (VS SP5)  2.1  1.5(cvs pre-release)  0.9.6g 
Linux  0.0.3 beta  gcc 2.95.4  2.1  1.5 (cvs pre-release)  0.9.6g 
Solaris  0.0.3 beta  gcc 2.95.3  2.1  1.5 (cvs pre-release)  0.9.6g 

The next version will include support for NetBSD and (possibly) FreeBSD.

Two source code packages are available :

  • UNIX gzip file (.tar.gz)
  • Windows ZIP File (.zip)

Both can be found on the project's Sourceforge download page

Old Distributions

Old Distributions can be found in the Project's Sourceforge pages Logo
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