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Current Release Beta 0.0.3

The current release of the xml-security-c library is a beta of the XML Digital Signature code. The following sections list the major changes between the point versions.

Changes from 0.0.2-0.0.3

The following changes occurred between 0.0.2->0.0.3

  • A txfmout tool to output the transformed references
  • Updates to templatesign to support KeyInfo elements and RSA signatures
  • Library support for RSA signatures
  • API support form manipulating KeyInfo elements
  • Pluggable KeyInfo Resolvers (to allow an application to supply an object that will resolve a given KeyInfo to a key)
  • Pluggable URI resolvers
  • API support for creating references and transformations
  • Re-written Makefiles for *NIX
  • Improved API docs
  • Envelope Transform that no longer uses XPath transforms (much quicker)
  • Uses new Xerces DOMNode objects - has made for significant speed improvements

Changes from 0.01-0.02
  • Signing functionality
  • Update C14n canonicalisation
  • Exclusive Canonicalisation
  • Basic ability to create a signature via the API (rather than just from an XML template file
  • SHA-1 HMAC support
  • Basic Documentation of core API
  • A templatesign tool

Future Release Plans
First Stable Release

The current plans are to stablise the beta code and provide a sound core library for digital signing. Thus there are no plans to introduce major functionality in the code prior to the 0.1.0 stable release. There will be further beta releases before 0.1.0 stable as we provide bug fixes and the necessary minor feature additions necessary for the stable release.

The majority of activity from now to the first stable release will concentrate on the following areas :

  • Fixing bugs and memory leaks
  • Ensure API is reasonably consistant
  • Review UTF-8 usage within the library and make correct
  • Improvements in the API for manipulating a signature in memory
  • Support for KeyInfo elements not currently implemented (PGP and SPKI)
  • Improved documentation
  • NetBSD/FreeBSD builds
  • Install capability in make files

Beyond a stable release

A number of items are planned for after the 1.0 major release.

  • XML Encryption Support
  • A crypto interface for the Windows CAPI
  • Implementation of a core set of encryption primitives to allow decoupling from OpenSSL for "light" applications
  • Improved KeyInfo resolver interface leading to...
  • XKMS client support
  • Bring the API in-line with JCP 105 (if appropriate)
  • Eventually (the GRAND PLAN) an XKMS server implementation Logo
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